trade of raw materials, semi and finished products (export / import – worldwide)         

dealing with machines and plants (new / used) (Export / Import) - worldwide         

commerce in consumer goods and consumption sector - worldwide

dealing with new products national and international 

trade with best wood imports from GUS (Russia etc.) and Baltic States

bargain with rest and special items - worldwide

commerce with precious porcelain ex factory (high level price) with exclusive direct selling

dealing with purchase and selling of big production plants and machinery parks - worldwide

commerce with firms and real estates  national and international

trading with petroleum / selenium / silicon 

commerce with solar products and water preparation plants

dealing with plants, which produce diesel oil or fuels with reprocessing carbon compounds (waste of synthetic material, PVC) and polluted / contaminated oil    

marketing and sales (Export / Import)          

cooperation with a leading company in the advertising industry

web site designing, merchandising, placing of products, market segmentation, opening of new distribution markets, advertising measure, complete portfolio etc.

Our variety of offers based on a big number of integration, connections, cooperation’s, participations and contacts at home and abroad, which could develop over years first. We have excellent networks at politics and economy at home and abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact us, you will not be certainly disappointed, it will be only profitable for you.   

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