participations / investments or financing of sucessful + innovative companies and offers of interesting investment projects / real estate and investors

significant project offers of real estate or companies for interesting investors at home and abroad

financing and participation on existing or new firms, which possess over products with extraordinary marketability, on projects, enterprises and real estate at home and abroad


investments and participations on interesting and innovative companies (start ups too), for example in solar techniques, water preparation, special thermal insulation and in recycling of plastics (PVC) or polluted/contaminated oil to produce crude oil  


offer of financially strong investors, which are willing to participate and invest in real estates, projects, enterprises and firms at home and abroad


purchase – and sale of big real estates and companies at home and abroad

Our variety of offers based on a big number of integration, connections, cooperation’s, participations and contacts at home and abroad, which could develop over years first. We have excellent networks at politics and economy at home and abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact us, you will not be certainly disappointed, it will be only profitable for you.   

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